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In the future there will be no money, governments, laws, soldiers,or police, as they have all proved to be ineffective at every level, so the need for them will be designed out.

The most important thing to remember here is that Army Intelligence is an oxymoron. Soldiers are nothing more than trained assassins. People do not make wars, greedy individuals who run Countries or Companies do, i.e. it is all about money. People involved in this industry need to be embarrassed about being in involved in a primitive way of negotiating by force. The rule of law states that all forms of discussion must take place before conflict.

Ultimately the fighting is about resources. We must understand the carrying capacity of the earth, and figure a way of distributing the necessities of life equally and fairly to all inhabitants of the planet, and work within the dynamic equilibrium of the planet. This requires problem solvers not killers. We need to provide for everyone not blow everything up. The reality of our unintelligent excess and waste is that the earth will see us as a virus and then try to eliminate us. One way or another we will have access to all the resources of the earth, by a one world government (which we already have through corporate anarchy) or we unite and work together as the people of the world. In order to do this we must act for the benefit of everybody.

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