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The Plan

In the world that we live in now people do not feel responsible for their actions, and are unaware of the consequences. A new shift in consciousness will happen as mankind as a species is in the growing pains of its own social and technological adolescence. This shift is really about focusing the people’s attention on what is relevant and possible in regard to society. If people knew the possibilities, they would be much more inclined to change. Sadly, 99% of the world has no idea what is possible as they have been brainwashed into modes of thought which reject new information for the sake of their own personal comfort and the comfort of the dominant establishment organizations. We need a worldwide revolution.. something that has never been done before in the history of mankind. We have to unite in a common direction. If 500 million people join us across all religions and nations, then the march begins. The government and corporations will not stand a chance, even with their bloated militarys’. The Resource Based Economy is the next phase for the socio-economic tides of human progress.

“Technological unemployment” is unstoppable. In time, the majority of people on this planet will not have a job, for computers and robots, will take over the majority of the work. It is the “contradiction of capitalism”- Companies save money with machines…yet they inturn displace the “consumer”, in turn hurting themselves. This is the TRUE cause of unemployment on this planet. We can now produce more and more with less and less people, in less time. Given this reality, the only path is away from the free-market system, to a collective system which enables the now abundant goods to be distributed without a price tag.

We don’t need “politics” or “government” or 99% of the legislation out there, and we definitely don’t need money. Our system today is a failed one. So we only need to monitor and regulate whatever social system that will evolve to make sure that it functions. If it doesn’t then there will be plenty of people who have been freed from mindless, senseless, and monotonous servitude to figure out a solution, because instead of being educated with useless information they will understand how to get the information (freely available to all) necessary to solve problems.

But we do need a world organization, which in and of itself, is actually a positive thing, as long as the corporate/financial elements are removed. The highest optimization of the planet’s resources is a system worldwide for mining/production/distribution. It is this eventuality that will lead to an abundance for all the world’s people. We need a “systems” approach to society as a whole using science, technology and intelligent resource management. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results. So we cant just go back in time to the founding fathers and do what they did. we have to learn from our mistakes and use the scietific method to use the ideas that worked and expand on that as we live. Life for us will be emergent, for to think in terms of utopia is to think that it cannot evolve further.

We will replace superstition with the Scientific Method:

  1. Recognizing a new idea or problem that needs to be solved.
  2. The use of logical reasoning to create a hypothesis, considering all information available.
  3. Test the hypothesis in the physical world through observation.
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