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The History of Money

Actually, the money system never came from barter or exchange since everything was ‘owned’ by Godkings by force before the invention of money. It came from interactions between Godkings in different territories in what was called ‘Trade’. That trade did not originate in money either, but in the doing of ‘favors’ between Godkings, who created and used small works of unique art to keep the record of such favors. It beat using war to get what they needed and allowed weaker Godkings to get stuff from more powerful Godkings. Money as we know it started out being small bits of clay with the Godking’s symbol on it, which was given to those slaves who had all their remaining harvest taken from them by the warriors marching out to bring back more slaves. Rather than have the slaves on their march route die of starvation, the clay with the symbol was used by the slave to get enough grain to last the winter so the Godking did not have a net loss of slaves from raids. The original money, ‘Shekels’, were measures of weight in grain.


The first known usage of Shekels is from Mesopotamia around 3000 BC. One explanation is given for the origination of this word as to have originally applied to a specific mass of barley, and the first syllable of the word, ‘she’ was Akkadian for barley. A shekel was originally 180 grains (~11 grams). The earliest shekels were not money, but were a unit of weight, used as other units of weight such as grams and troy ounces for trading before the advent of coins. -From Wikipedia (slightly edited for brevity)


Most of the world in prehistoric times did not have humans warring on each other. The first instances of that behavior in prehistory according to archeology occurred after money was invented by the ancient Sumerians.

Money is now just a control system for the slaves, nothing else. It is quite effective in modern times to make the slaves think they are free. They have to ignore almost everything to do it, and think in monetary terms to be that blind, but our whole social system is designed to keep everyone blind to everything else and besides, who wants to realize they are slaves? Also, the entire history of economics is based upon the myths generated to rationalize the use of war and violence to obtain resources and to keep the individual minds of the slaves trapped in a fictitious self-consistent logic structure.

To use an example I have spoken of before, we are rats in a maze. We can go anywhere we like, but our choices are only what are allowed by the walls of the maze. We feel free, since we don’t have a rope around our necks, but the choices we can make are decided by those who control the walls. The only benefit it ever had was the fact that we feel freer with money than having direct whip and chain slavery. This makes us better workers and less dangerous slaves for the ‘owners’. So does ignorance.

The system is designed to perpetrate itself, so this creates the priorities of the system, and those priorities have no relationship with what is required to survive on this planet, so the planet is dying in the worst and fastest mass extinction event in the history of the planet. We have to eliminate the systems that obscure that reality and find our own harmony with the planetary ecology or we will go extinct.

Money is based upon scarcity.

Scarcity has two sources… first, the environment can cause scarcity through weather and environmental cycles. Second, Humans can cause scarcity by concentrating populations of people in small areas requiring the resources to be drawn in from outside the local area. Distance was a factor in the scarcity in past conflicts because it was easier to take through force resource concentrations from other peoples than generate resources that were too distant. Money’s value system is designed to reflect this inability to manage resources and the cost of taking resources by violence. This condition no longer exists.

Scarcity is artificially maintained by the money system, both in how resources are used and the filtering of human advancement to maintain the monetary system. Scarcity needs to be eliminated, and the money system along with it. Only then can the slaves be free along with their ‘masters’ who are as enslaved by the money system as the slaves.

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