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The End of Money

Monetarism, in all its forms, Capitalism, Fascism, or Communism (or otherwise), has three guiding principles of Labor, Money, and Debt. Through its mechanisms of competition for limited money, the basis for all things is to maximize profit. The more scarce a product or service is, the higher the potential for profit. With the concept of profit comes the need to promote ones goods and services over others. This is also known as marketing or advertising. Advertising is, in fact, the practice of perpetuating and spreading misinformation. Therefore, abundance, efficiency, and information are enemies of the monetary system. In this system, misuse of Earth’s limited resources, war, poverty, and all aberrant behavior are inevitable. The things that are necessary for the well-being of society, but does not make a profit, are excluded.

In a world without money peoples’ actions will always take in the big picture, and because they understand that what they do has to have a benefit for society. Everyone will have all the necessities of life, free of the necessity for payment or servitude. Because we are products of our environments and because we are always bound by causality (the relationship between cause and effect) and because the only thing that makes our lives better is the understanding of others, (technology) then we will see that the highest form of self interest is in fact a mutual collective interest, where we always do our best to facilitate the collective environment and all aspects of it. It is strange to think that today people live in a privately owned (collectivist – people rely on each other) system based on scarcity and competition, it seems a contradiction.

It is possible for abundance to be a reality, based on the incredible waste that is currently perpetuated. With the level of automaton we have achieved, any little automation that is necessary to eliminate the necessity for humans to have to slave for the necessities of life will be easily overcome once all information is available to everybody. In time we will have a much more comfortable lifestyle and will be still free from having to pay for anything or being a slave to anyone, once everything is abundant and available to everyone there, the concept of property and ownership will be gone. Crime will not exist because all crime now has to do with money.

Are the issues 100% the fault of the monetary system? No. However, the Monetary System has been a major contributing factor to many of the issues plaguing us today. If we remove the monetary system, are we going to be addressing those issues? Not really, but we can not address them in the current system. We will be better set to deal with them if we remove the monetary system, and it’s influences over society. In the interim, I see that it may be important be able to track goods and resources and services, and their exchange, for the purpose of making sure they are not being wasted, so there is enough for what is needed. This only needs to be statistical and transparent.

In Summery:

(1) The Monetary System is a system for the liquidification of wealth. “Wealth” in this context means both natural resources and human labor. The basic notation of this liquification can be expressed thusly: wealth -> commodities -> capital.

(2) The Monetary System works in one direction only. The notation cannot be reversed, that is to mean, the system cannot convert capital into wealth.

(3) The System contains no internal limitations other the amount of wealth actually available. The System truly crashes only when there is no more wealth to convert into capital. (This means no natural resources, no human labor…in fact these are the only things that are actually real).

(4) Historically, the Monetary System has been protected by the powers of the State, in two distinct senses:

—-(a) The State, by means of a legally sanctioned monopolistic use of violence, has protected the capitalists from workers, colonists and other peoples who have been disposessed of their wealth.

—-(b) The State has imposed artifical limits on the Monetary System itself in order to deter it from devouring itself (boom/bust cycles).

(5) The State’s capacity to buffer the all-consuming liquidifcation of wealth inherent in the Monetary System is now insufficient to keep the system in check. The system is now literally a runaway train. This is not a conspiracy theory of global elite…the system is now in a death spiral…and the crash will be horrific.

(6) A Resourced Based Economy, is not just a “feel good” panacea. At this point in time, and to the best of my current knowledge, it may be the best and most legitimate hope of an equitable existence left for us.

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