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In the future we will all understand what is necessary to keep us balanced. So if someone is not doing the right thing we will use whatever knowledge that we have to find a resolution, and it will happen through consensus and empathy. This means that it will not be by one pretending to know more that the other, but more one trying to understand the other. People will understand that a person who poses a threat is damaged in some way. If a person is damaged, it is likely that personal ego and insensitivity has caused it. Thus it is necessary to do whatever it takes to find out what caused the damage and then do whatever needs to be done to find remedy. In terms of security this will be much more efficient, as being sorry does not mean anything unless there is compensation. In the present dysfunctional system, the damaged person is either locked up or drugged, and this is done in complete ignorance of the person’s background. A damaged person is also not aware that what they are doing is creating damage to other persons. When society is civilized we will have the time to care about each other enough to be sensitive to these sorts of things.

In the present world situation the buildings that we design are not the buildings that we want, they are the buildings that we can afford.The kind of car you want to drive, is only what you can afford. The kind of house that you want to live in, is only as good as what you can afford. So the word freedom doesn’t really mean very much as you are only as free as your purchasing power. This creates differential advantage where one human, due to the monitory system, has more than another despite the suffering that it causes. If humans were using their intelligence correctly they would make sure that everything that pertains to an acceptable level of comfort was freely available to every human. It is obvious that all crime has to do with the lack of will to make this happen. Any academic should be able to analyze the statistics and detail of what is already possible to acknowledge that this is already possible. Then the level of comfort  would then be determined on how each individual contributes.

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