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PETER JOSEPH – Blog Radio Lecture No. 4 – The Transition

Is the transition one where there is a collective decision where the people off the world have decided that they want to live in a RBE. Then it is a matter of the most efficient way to make that happen, folding certain institutions while creating others, step by step move into a RBE in a fluid way.

Or does it start with education, where there is a very complex process of shifting establishment institutions and mindsets away rom the current paradigm. Followed by focusing on a more sustainable paradigm, manoeuvring through institutions, creating programs to bring people in, to fight the more cancerous attributes of the system.

1. The mark of the beast is debt, and everybody needs to get out of debt. Debt is the invention of servitude of the current system of hegemonic dominance of society
2. The transition is a secondary problem and does not change the end goal. An RBE is what needs to happen. It is an economic model, the components of which are not that radical, it is unchallenged by any other so far, and the real point is using the scientific method to evaluate its efficacy. The issues are technical and simply needs a resolve to implement it.
3. We are always going to be in some type of transition. there is never any perfection there si always some way to improve, such that everything is ever emergent. An RBE can reach its definition once money is gone, and reliance is exclusively on resource management, but social adjustment will constant, given the possibilities and personal permutation potentials. Social Systems will constantly emerge.
4. Regarding police, security and law. The environment will need to reduce the necessity for police, security and law, over time hyperbolising, or ideally manifesting the need for having zero police, security and law. This means eliminating all the causal attributes (income gap, destruction, waste, and other distortions of reality) pertaining to the need for police, security and law.
5. No country can create a RBE in isolation because a RBE is based upon planetary management. Resources are simple not equitable distributed there are condition specific, which means that efficiency ca only be taken on a global scale. History and conflict make this unambiguously obvious.

imposition of scarcity.

The Ideal Transition Scenario

What is being presented here is a fantasy scenario of, if the option was there to make a step by step, move into a RBE, assuming that whomever is following this path actually had the power to implement it.

1. Resolve the current artificial crisis facing humanity. Universal debt forgivness of all public and private debt. Technological, and economically generated unemployment, needs to be addressed by reducing drastically the work time needed for each individual to obtain the necessities of life. Note minimum wage in our current is in no way connected to meeting the minimum standard of living. So for a true connection with the spirit of the transition and principles of an RBE, needs will have to be finally addressed.
2. Fractional reserve lending is eradicated, and monitory growth system stops, thus removing the boom and bust cycle. A one to one correlation is created where money is pared with consumer demand and services. Money must be regulated to match the total value of goods and serves in the system statically. Money can still be generated int eh system as fiat, but news to be calculated in a statically estimate of market turnover, so the total amount of money in the supply is equal to the fixed rates of goods and services, quantified by the average rates of turnover. Given that there are many qualifiers, but the mean value of the total money supply for any baton will be set with the flexibility for minor expansion and contraction around a central mean, which does not carry over into long term growth, ever. Periodic adjustment can be made when monitory imbalances between sectors, and class demographics occur. This will persist, of course, as even with strict monitory regulation there will still be he corrupt psychology and self-interest, gaming strategies, which is the main point to overcome by implementing a RBE.
3. The problem of hoarding, monitory acquisition, profit & wealth generation still exists and so in order to keep that balanced there has to be income limits, both high and low, buffeted by a certain finite expansion and contract of the money supply. This is to balance inequality, while avoiding shortages in money supply which can derail shortages in production. This is statically generated according to population, value, emend and other perimeters. This is not an advocacy of preference, but merely a way for balancing the system for transition. This is something that needs to be implemented on a global scale, where there is floating markets and comparisons of currency (which all need to be eliminated), so that there is a one to one value ratio of currency to consumer demand and services.
4. Wall Street will be eliminated all together. This institution is a game and an illusion with no function except to pull all the wealth to specific places. It has no relevance to the public interest. Public “ownership” is a given and the corporation only exists for the public benefit, and the notion of shares in a company becomes obsolete. Why would the public need to buy shares in something that they already “own”. All the processes of that market ar total contrivances of no general consequence. Investment still comes from banks, but there is no usury, which needs o be illegal, mainly because it is a mathematically invalid concept in a fixed economy. (it is not cerated in the principle)
5. The corporation as the mechanism of production and distribution, in transition will have to maintain a certain legal status, which can be revoked by a third party, if thy are not in compliance with very basic environmental and labour decency protocols. A statistical evaluation and regulation (which we do have today, but is bypassed, through various mechanisms which ca be easily traced back to the corporation, using legal loopholes) regarding pollution and labour abuse, the business licence is revoked, Preventing the corporation from operating. One must understand the market and its natural tendencies as a system which moves according to the principles of game theory, the people most adapted to survive doing whatever is required to manipulate the situation to their advantage. The legal system is predominantly dealing with monitory regulation. The very notion of a legal establishment is an over riding third party orchestration that makes sure that there isn’t abuse within a system that naturally gravitates toward abuse.
6. Global poverty problem, needs to be addressed. These three things need to occur: (a) A major body (i.e. united nations) should finance and organise advanced food production facilities to produce condensed, scientifically designed nutritious food in a space efficient form such that a block of said substance could last for at least a year. (b) Desalination plants are installed in such areas for these people and (c) connected to hydroponic food production systems. This all needs to be state initiates by-passing market distortions and create what is needed where it is needed. A transition from that epidemic is paramount, and an absolute debacle of previous incompetence.
7. The energy crisis requires the subsidy of an entire energy project, providing a fluid transition out of the fossil fuel hydrocarbon energy economy. All remaining fossil fuel resource needs to be a global initiative to explicitly and deliberately create the transition, and it needs to happen quickly. Thus nationalising all remaining hydrocarbon on the planet, forming a “Manhattan Project” (similar to the resolve) to change the infrastructure to the renewables. A systems approach needs to be set up to avoid intermittency etc.
8. In order to make the actual transition preparation needs to occur in terms of removing the monitory system and completing the application of advanced technological methods to society, overriding the entire labour system as we know it. Before this can occur a shift needs to occur in the value system. The nationalisation needs to occur in all basic necessity good and service industries such as water, energy, basic food resources and all things essential for living. The most important being the health care service, this one being a fundamental human need. It incorporates the possibilities of disease epidemics, and protects the entire population.
9. The true threats to society are the parts of the environment that we do to have control over. Science needs to keep up with the techniques to manage micro organise which are similarly adapting to that management. Thus health care does not have an individual focus but for that of the whole, however in order for that to work, concern for the individual is paramount. Subsidising dire services is paramount to the transition to make them all socialised or nationalised. So eventually the necessities of life can become available to all who need it. This is where there needs to be a value system that understands the symbiosis of all life. Initially there may be maximum allocation in certain areas, but that sort of thong is only needed in transition, for the supply is technical and relies on data. As crime rates decrease, and the distortions of interaction through survival pressures disappear, the population will develop the new value system which will respect the system and what it is doing.
10. In order to buffer the industries that are being socialised, there needs to be the application of mechanisation for them in the same ratio of losses the money that is being reduced while the displacement occurs. So as the automation increases and efficiency increases, the amount of money requires to oversee the process will be minimal. The goal being to fully automate.
11. Most important is the assessment of the carrying capacity of the earth. There must be a global initiative for resource preservation, (not exploitation), which will happen through agreements signed through different countries, and their respective corporations, where each sector and it’s relevant corporations, have to be objectively monitored for what resources they are using. each sectors resources needy o become publicly understood, the growth rates, the depletion rates, the capacity has to be publicly known and accurately updated, and audited directly in all sectors, to slowly create what is independent data bases of resources in different sectors, and then merged essentially into a total earth monitoring system. This is necessary to factor in a holistic plan to manage all resources in a way with peak efficiency, and peak preservation, and eventually the peak sustainability mechanisms are gradually implemented eroding conspicuous and wasteful production levels of industry level by level through firm regulation, until a system of source distribution protocols are in place. Economising then has its correct meaning.
12. Finally, once the pattern of applied technology to create valueless goods due to the rates of abundance, then there is a totally logical culmination to remove private ownership, which becomes not longer necessary, and replaced with a centralised system. Money can then be removed because mechanisation has reached a point where the major industries of production can be run by very few people, that do not require payment, and every one else can enjoy the fruits of this society that actually takes care of them, and rather than have society impose on them, what they should be doing, their interest and survival will manifest on their own. Their interest on society will be greatly emphasised, where there will be an enthusiasm to want to help society because ultimately it helps yourself. (this is why the current system creates so much depression and laziness – because of the contrived forced attribute)
13. City systems will require new values which all change as, with the reduction of crime (laws being made redundant) and designed abundance to replace designed scarcity. There is a focus on peak sustanibility, efficiency and preservation. The City systems serve as the technological hub in holographic manner for resource management and government organisation, as it would be known of in the future. The City systems will be interconnected with redundancy. (redundancy is required to offset scarcity thus maintaining abundance, which is necessary for functionality)


Taxation is an illusion and ail be removed in the interim of transition. It is a contrivance to manipulate the population, a reality distortion of the past. The government can do what ever it wants, and can print it all out of nothing, as this is the case for a all money.

The limitations in the current system are reflected in the 20 trillion dollars and over 30 years to make the alterations necessary according to some ecological economists who have time and research in this issue. The anticipation of such a transition is considered as extremely difficult and dreaded, in terms of funding – investment – returns, etc. The bottom line is the inability to generate income using the same principles as today. Sustainability is not in accord with the profit motive of which avoids solving problems, and prefers to manage them instead.

For all the free marketers with their invisible hand, please note that to take away the restrictions will just amplify all the inequity that we see today. There are thousands of laws in existence to regulate the problems generated by the notable faults in allowing a free market. These laws are required to make sure the market system orientates itself in some sort of way to make it productive the without corruption that perpetually persists. Any system that requires heavy legislation to make it work is invariably a failed system. Thus inevitably, in the long run, the goal needs to be to eliminate the need for laws, since laws just manage a symptom of a problem and never solve it altogether.

The RBE focus is to eliminate the government totally by resolving the problems of organisation, and orientating society scientifically.

The Probable Transition Scenario

1. The profile of collapse consists of: — constant economic growth creating perpetual debt and inflation — cancerous profit system that does not care about ecology or human well-being — general ecological breakdown and a disregard for energy crisis pending — technological unemployment in the application of mechanisation
2. So at what point will the general population wake up and discover what the problem is? At that point the transition will happen, however if the collapse happens first, it may be much harder than a controlled and designed transition. It is very hard to predict when the selfish reinforced interest of the corporate elite will be willing to sacrifice the fruits of their work for so long, in favour on a new system that benefits them along with everyone else.
3. It is more likely that we will see massive social and civil unrest, and it is going to take a group like the Zeitgeist Movement, together with many other groups wanting to see change, to force, literally push the governments into the right position, before it is too late, before WW3 occurs, before there is real energy wars, before there is the systemic triggering leading to death and destruction that hasn’t been known to human society. The mechanisms that are in place if left unabated will lead to so many problems that it is almost impossible to see where it might stop. We could end up in a transition scenerio where, instead of having 1.5 billion starving (including the many more billion suffering unnecessarily in deprivation), There is a reconciliation its inevitability, shutting down empathy, followed by not caring at all, then that psychology permeates and continues. This is followed by apathy “that is just the way it is” 2 billion becomes 3 billion becomes 4 billion, more “that is just the way it is”. The mind lock thus hindering any transition, further fuelling total collapse.
4. This scenario is the most logical one, and the most unpredictable, and sets the scene for nothing happening until severe bio-social pressures emerge, where the previous fantasy scenario may be instituted somewhere down the path amongst a lot of fitting and suffering, with the self appointed guardians of the status quo, and the religious identification establishment becoming problematic.

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